1280x 960 image resolution
1,300,000 pixels (SXGA)

Model : DC-132U

Digital Stills Camera
Technical Support and
Customer Service

Driver and Viewer Software

Handheld Digital Camera / Video Camera / Webcam / Voice Recorder
Image Sensor
CMOS sensor with 1.3 mega pixels
Output Resolution :
SXGA 1280 x 960 (1,300,000 pixels)
Image resolution
 Fine : 1280 x 960 (jpeg)
 Normal : 640 x 480 (jpeg)
Movie : 320 x 240 (AVI)
Internal Memory :
External Memory
 External Smart Media Card up to 128 MB
Image Capacity
Fine : 16 images, Normal : 70 images,
Fixed Focal Lens, Multi-Element Glass
Focal Length :
f= 9.5mm (equivalent to 40.7mm for a 135mm camera)
Lens Aperture
Focus Range :
2 ft (0.6m) - Infinity
Image type :
JPEG Format
Status Indicator
Multi-Segment status LCD Display and Status LED
Automatic Exposure Control
Exposure Control
Gamma (contrast) Adjust
White Balance
USB 1.1
USB Frame Rate
12fps/QVGA (note: The performance of USB frame rate is relevant to the config. of the PC)
Power Source
4 AAA Batteries
Power Saving :
Automatically power off after 1 minute
Self-Timer :
10 Second Delay, Captured confirmed with Beep
Video Out :
Optional parts :
Strobe / Flash Gun - Built-in
Packaging :

Clamshell - With the camera, USB cable, User Guide and CD  or Floppy Disk
Gift box - With the camera, USB cable, User Guide and CD or Floppy Disk

Software included : 1. AuraSee software 2. DSC software  3. iVisit software

System Requirement: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP Operating System
Min. 586 or compatible PC
At least 32 MB RAM available
30 MB available hard disk space
VGA or SVGA monitor recommended
Available USB port and CD ROM driver
*All specification are subject to change without notice

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